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How Static Controls Work

Generally speaking there are two types of static elimination devices: active and passive.

Active Static Elimination Devices are referred to as ionizers or neutralizers. They emit a field of positive and negative ions that neutralizes the static electricity present on your production equipment or product. We offer active devices in many configuration, sizes and power levels and ranges, plus models that are air assisted. Thus enabling you to select the exact device you need to suit a larger or smaller area, to neutralize static from a greater or lesser distance, to overcome mounting/installation difficulties, or maximize dust and contaminant removal. TAKK static eliminators are powered by AC current or by DC Pulse technology, and are capable of neutralizing static down to a near “zero” level.

Passive Anti-Static Devices operate on the self-energizing or induction principle, energized by the static field present on the process material surface. No outside power source is needed. Passive devices are low in cost and easy to install and replace. They very effectively reduce static fields to around a 2000 volt, or lower level, which is ideal for numerous applications.

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